10 Ways to Prepare for Your Child’s First Haircut

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If your child is like most kids, he’s probably not going to be too keen on the idea of sitting still for a haircut, so you’ll need to make some preparations for that first haircut. We’ve collected some ideas that could come in handy to get you both ready to take the plunge. Here are ten ways to prepare for your child’s first haircut:

  1. Working up to the time when he gets his own haircut, your son could come along with Dad to watch him get his haircut. The ability to participate as a spectator, to a pleasant and painless experience will help ease the anxiety of getting his own haircut.
  2. Let your daughter sit in the stylist’s chair and pretend. Acclimating herself to the trappings of a real haircut will help her feel more at home when the big day arrives. Ideally, get her accustomed to the booster chair with a bib over her to maximize the realism.
  3. Practice at home with all the accoutrements of the real thing on hand: scissors, combs, spray bottle, etc. It’s a great opportunity to play pretend in a comfortable environment, while providing a dress rehearsal for her “opening night”.
  4. Talk with your child about what he’d like to do, or where he’d like to go to commemorate the special event. Focusing on what comes after the haircut will help take his mind off of the actual haircut, and get him into a more celebratory spirit.
  5. Schedule the haircut with someone who has experience working with toddlers. It will take patience and steady nerves on everyone’s part to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible. Choose a kid-friendly location if that’s possible.
  6. Make sure she’s had a nap and been fed before heading out to the stylist. A well-rested and well-fed toddler is a lot more likely to hold still throughout the haircut, which would be a bad time for a cranky fit.
  7. Arrange to have some toys and treats handy, whatever comfort items you think will help keep your little one calm. We all like to cling to something familiar whenever we’re feeling anxious, so be sure you’ve got it handy when you arrive.
  8. Go through a book with your child to choose a cut you’ll both like. It’s good preparation and an excellent distraction from nerves. Get her excited about that beautiful new look she’ll soon have.
  9. Brush through your child’s hair before setting out to the appointment. The fewer tangles and less work that the hair-cutter will have to deal with, the less stress will be involved in getting the job done.
  10. If you’ve got an older child, you may want to schedule their haircuts together so that the younger can watch her older sibling get a haircut first. Point out how pampered she’ll be, just like big sis, when it’s her turn.
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