21 Blogs Making Fun Homemade Mixtures for the Kids to Get Their Hands Into

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Kids love to get their hands into things, and some children learn much better by doing things rather than just listening to others. This type of learning is called tactile learning. If your child is a tactile learner, you can make your own tactile substances to entertain and teach him. To find recipes for different tactile products you can make at home, take a look at these 21 blog posts.


Letting the kids help you mix up a batch of play dough isn’t just fun, it’s also a great learning experience. You can get them involved in the assembly process by having the kids measure out the ingredients for you; not only will this allow them to help out, it will also teach them basic math skills. There are several different ways to make playdough, and you can create dough with different scents and colors, too.  These seven blog articles will give you the recipes you need to whip up a batch of dough for your kids.

  • DIY Playdough Try this recipe for a homemade version that smells great and is very similar to the store bought variety. Keep in mind that it will have to be refrigerated before it can be used.
  • DIY Playdough This dough recipe is made with gel colors that allow you to control the color of it. Since it’s made with salt, you won’t have to refrigerate it.
  • Homemade Self-Hardening Clay Using very few ingredients you can make clay the kids can sculpt with.
  • Homemade Gluten-Free Play Clay If your child suffers from a gluten allergy, this flourless play dough is a good alternative to regular play dough recipes.
  • Homemade Clay Family Handprints You can use this homemade clay to make handprint plaques that you can cook in the oven.
  • DIY: Homemade Play Dough Have fun using all kinds of Kool-Aid drink mix to make fragrant play dough that will stay fresh for months when kept in an air-tight container.
  • No Cook Homemade Playdough (Improved Recipe) The benefit of this dough is that you make plain white dough that can be portioned out and colored with cake decorating colors.

Sand-Like Substances

Playing with sand doesn’t have to be reserved for beaches or sandboxes. Sometimes you can play with sand right at home. It may sound like a messy disaster, but the recipes in these seven blog articles require minimal ingredients, are inexpensive to assemble and are simple to clean up.

  • Indoor Sand Castles Use this recipe to make a batch of cloud dough for your kids to use when making sand castles inside.
  • Indoor Sand Castle Stuff You can combine fine sand that you can buy at a craft store with some cornstarch to create an indoor sand castle.
  • Indoor Sand Castles Mixing sand with the other ingredients in the recipe allows you to have an indoor sand castle making session.
  • Indoor Sand Castle To mimic the look of real sand, mix up some sand, alum and cornstarch with water and cook it into a sandy dough.
  • Flour for Sand (Toddler Play) Give the kids something different to do and create a learning opportunity with the help of this blog post.
  • Recipe for Moldable Sand By using wheat flour you can create a moldable sand that has the same color and glitter as real sand.
  • Non Toxic Moon Sand Tutorial This recipe uses olive oil, which makes this moon sand edible, though probably not very tasty.

Goopy Fun

Sometimes you just need to get your hands messy! Mix science with getting a little goopy and you have a fun afternoon project you can do with the kids.  Whether you want to make slime, gak or flubber, you’ll find a recipe for each in these seven blog posts           

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