30 Blogs with the Best Tips on Helping Your Child Prepare for Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing can be difficult for children, especially those who don’t test well. Every child is presented with the same test, so there’s no allowance for level of understanding or aptitude to the subject matter. As a parent, obviously you want your child to receive the best possible education, which includes scoring well on standardized tests. With these 30 blogs, you can help ensure that your child is fully prepared for any standardized test.

Understanding Standardized Testing

The first step towards excelling in standardized tests is understanding how they work. Although the word “standardized” suggests that every test is the same, there are a number of important differences in the tests that you and your child should be aware of. These five blogs will give your child an idea of what to expect, as well as provide them with a number of useful preparation strategies.

Getting in the Zone

As with any test, being in the right frame of mind can make all the difference in your child’s results. All the studying and practice in the world won’t do your child any good if they crumble under the stress of a testing environment. To make sure your child is ready in body, spirit and mind, check out the advice in these five excellent blogs.

Preparing for Literacy Based Tests

Each type of standardized test requires a different approach to study and preparation. Tests that come under the umbrella of literacy are particularly tricky because your child will have to show acceptable writing, reading and comprehension while being tested against a set criterion. With that in mind, study these five blogs to help your child improve literacy in time for his next standardized test.

Math and Numeracy Tests

Math is the purest of all the sciences and is not a test subject to take lightly, standardized or otherwise. Your child will have plenty to contend with having to worry about the layout of the test, too. Whether your child is a top scoring mathlete or he struggles with numeracy, use these five blogs to give him the boost that he needs on his next standardized test.

Improving Reading Comprehension

No matter what subject your child is covering in his next standardized test, excellent reading comprehension is absolutely essential. It is not enough to understand the subject matter of test questions; your child also needs to possess the reading comprehension skills to interpret the questions and what is being asked of them. Take your child through these five blogs to help improve their cognitive and reading comprehension skills.

Science and Technical Tests

Science and technical tests encompass a number of subjects, however, the rules for approaching these standardized tests are not much different than with a single subject. There is one universal rule for science and technical tests: read first, address the question and then read again. These types of tests are also very time-consuming, so your child would do well to take a number of time-trial practice tests. The tips in these five blogs are great for science and technical tests, but you can also use them for other types of standardized testing.

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