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7 Ways Every Child Can Benefit From Music Lessons

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As public school systems slash budgets and eliminate musical education programs around the country, more and more parents are forced to find private musical instruction for their children. For parents who aren’t sure if the benefits of musical lessons justify … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Disability Insurance for Nannies

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While most states require the employers of domestic workers to carry worker’s compensation insurance to protect employees injured on the job, few states require those employers to take out disability policies. Disability insurance is designed to protect workers that sustain … Continue reading

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10 Reptiles That Make Great Pets for Kids

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For apartment-dwelling kids or families who have limited space, traditional pets might not be a great fit. Reptiles, however, typically live in self-contained environments that require a relatively small space commitment. While not all reptiles are ideal choices for kids, … Continue reading

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