10 Ways to Figure Out What You are Looking For in a Nanny

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One of the first things you need to do when searching for a nanny is to decide what it is you need from her. The only way to find a match is to know what you are matching her to exactly. So the time you invest in getting those details set down is time well-spent. The following are 10 ways to figure out what you are looking for in a nanny:

  1. Write up a Job Description – This is the most valuable tool you can have at your disposal when screening candidates. The more accurate you can be about the job, the easier it will be to find the right person for the job.
  2. How Many Kids? – nanny candidates will have varying levels of experience, and some may not have nannied more than one child at a time. Can she multitask and handle the added stress?
  3. How Old are Your Kids? – Infant care, pre-adolescent care, etc. require different skills, temperament, etc. What do your kids need from the nanny?
  4. Any Special Needs? – If you have a child with special dietary or medical needs, or requires special attention for any reason, this should be discussed up front to make sure your nanny is up to the task, and has the necessary qualifications.
  5. Live-in or Live-out – Determine whether you need your nanny to live in your home, or will be commuting to your home each day.
  6. Own Car or family Car? – If you have a family car for her to use for work, you’ll be wanting to see her driving record. If she will be needing to use her own car, make sure she has one, it’s insured, and has a clean driving record.
  7. Work Hours – You want to make sure your nanny and you are on the same page regarding the work schedule. Make sure she hasn’t got any other obligations or commitments that would conflict with her ability to work those hours.
  8. Additional Duties – If your job description includes any non-traditional tasks that you will need your nanny to do, talk about them and make sure she’s on board with all tasks required of her, and that her compensation is adequate.
  9. Environmental Issues – Is there any reason that your home might present difficulties for her – allergies, asthma.? Is your home in a remote location?
  10. Consult an Agency – Nanny agencies are experts at matching families with the right nanny. Once you’ve taken care of step one, and laid out a job description with all of your requirements, talk to the experts about finding your match.
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