10 Reasons All Nanny Background Checks Aren’t Equal

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You’ve heard by now of the importance of background checks when searching for a nanny; but are you aware that not all of them are the same? Depending on what resources you use, your background check may not provide you all the information you need. The following is a list of 10 reasons all nanny background checks aren’t equal:

  1. The accuracy of information from one report to another can vary greatly. Inaccuracies must be corrected by request, which is not done in many cases.
  2. Some background checks are more in-depth than others. One may include previous addresses of the applicant  that another does not. Incomplete address history will also mean incomplete info from the appropriate databases.
  3. Some reports contain information that is illegal to use for hiring purposes. Such reports can adversely affect a candidate’s ability to gain employment.
  4. Some sources will deliver outdated information, without attempting to verify or update the information. This can lead to important information being missed.
  5. Background checks are administered by a variety of individuals, from private investigators, to professional employee screening agencies. Who conducts the check has a lot to do with what sources of data are used.
  6. How a background check is used is also very dependent on who is conducting it. Some companies are more reputable and law-abiding than others, and will only use reliable sources, and focus on the information that is legally acceptable to use for hiring purposes.
  7. Background checks are available in different pricing tiers, which also differ in the sources that they use. Some provide no more data than an individual could collect on their own with a simple internet search.
  8. Background checks are usually tailored to the type of employment that the subject is applying for. Depending on the employer, there could be some differences in what information they require in the report.
  9. Some background checks even include searching social networking sites, where potential employers feel they can get a candid look at the applicant’s lifestyle, views and personality.
  10. State laws vary on what can and cannot be included in a background check for employment screening.
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