10 Safe Ways to Interview a Nanny

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Once you’ve managed to screen your nanny candidates and have completed all of the background checks and verified all of their references, it’s time to arrange the interview process. You’d like the interview to be comfortable and candid. Preferably it will be at a time and location that is convenient for both parties. So what are some good suggestions? The following are 10 safe ways to interview a nanny:

  1. Phone – If you’d like to be able to keep a script in front of you, dress comfortably, without having to meet in person just yet, the phone interview is a great option.
  2. Skype – Similarly, you can arrange to conference online via this method with the option to video-conference. It’s one step closer to a face-to-face interview, but still comfortable.
  3. In Person, in Public – You may also opt to meet at a mutually agreeable neutral location with a relaxed atmosphere. This can facilitate getting acquainted in a low-pressure setting.
  4. At Your Job – Another possibility is to set aside a block of time – a lunch or coffee break – in order to meet your candidate at your place of employment in a conference room or break area.
  5. At Nanny Agency – If you are hiring through an agency, you may be able to meet you prospective nanny on their premises.
  6. At Your Home, with 3rd Party – If you’d like to make sure that you both are comfortable meeting at your home, you can suggest a 3rd party be present. You can each have someone else at the home. This may even be a good time for her to meet the kids.
  7. At Her Home – Alternately, you can make the same arrangements, meeting at her home instead and with others present.
  8. In a Park or Playground where your children typically play. This will not only provide a relaxed atmosphere, but give her a glimpse of her work environment outside the home.
  9. At Her Job – If your nanny candidate is presently working and can arrange for it, you may choose to get together at her place of employment on a break. This might provide you with an added dimension of your candidate too.
  10.  One on One – With any luck, you’ve each worked your way through the screening process to the point where your family and your nanny are ready to meet in person and talk about her new job,and your new family member.
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  1. Sindy says:

    to say if you suspect a preblom, let her go. well what if you have no idea that you have no suppisions.a distant relative had a child die in the home of a child care provider. the infant was being dosed with some sort of meds to make it sleep on a regular basis. after one day of this kind of treatment, the mom after picking up the child noticed that it was sleeping a lot and not responding well, after a trip to the doc, right away, she was told that the child had been over dosed and the child died. The provider was engaged as she was on a city approved list and the parents had no reason to suspect anything. Yes, it would be impossible to have a baby cam in the child care providers house and she could have over dosed the baby out side of the view of the cam. In your own home you can have hidden cams. I would have them all over and hidden. It is the unknown that you have to look for. The child in this case was the first and only child of a couple that were in their late 30s or early 40s, and it was devistating to them both and in the end the marriage fell apart, as the effect was so profound on the mother. Very sad all around. I believe cams every where would make this thing less possible and may save your childs life.I got rid of a siter as she watched tv soap operas all day. My child was old enough to tell me.When I told the woman, I did not want my child to be looking at them, she made the child go in the other room while she watched. Again my child was old enought to tell me, so out with that sitter.A small child could not have been able to tell me, so a baby cam could have helped in this case.babies are our most presious gift, anything you can do to protect them, do it!!!!!!!!