10 Recommended Nanny Payroll Services for Families

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When hiring a nanny, one of the biggest, and sometimes difficult to navigate, concerns is payroll. It can be a daunting tax for a family to maintain accurate records and calculate taxes properly. That’s where a good payroll service comes in, which can be worth its weight in gold. The following are 10 recommended payroll services for families:

  1.  HomeWorkSolutionsNaniPay offers quarterly as well as annual tax reporting, and direct deposit. You can set up for weekly or bi-weekly pay periods,  and electronic fund transfer (EFT).
  2. GTM Payroll ServicesGTM Household provides four payroll options for you to choose from, including payroll with tax filing, or tax filing only.
  3. Breedlove and Associates Started in 1992 by a former household employer couple, Breedlove offers total payroll management: paperless payroll stubs to employee and family; prepare federal and state tax returns, archive all documents online for your review.
  4. Intuit Online PayrollPaycycle lets you create paychecks online, automatically withholds taxes and deductions, with guaranteed accurate calculations and a free 30-day trial offer.
  5. SurePayrollAnother online service, SurePayroll lets you pay via direct deposit or self-printed checks; you just log in to a secure account, enter your nanny’s hours, preview the deductions and approve. Your work is done.
  6. NannyPayEssentia Software Corporation offers a 30-day free trial of NannyPay. Calculate state and federal taxes; print pay stubs, liability forms, even  payroll data directly onto W-2 forms.
  7. NannyChexSpecializing in payroll services for household employees since 1995; free registration, quarterly and yearly tax reporting. Easy to use paycheck calculator for figuring deductions on site.
  8. Beacon Hill Nannies, Inc.With EasyManage™ payroll service, you write one check per month, and beacon Hill will do the rest: twice monthly paychecks via direct deposit, automatic withholding of taxes/deductions, and complete filing of all tax forms and reports.
  9. Wizard Payroll CompanyWizard Payroll offers weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly ans monthly payroll options. Direct deposit, tax filings and check signings are also included.
  10. 4NannyTaxes.comIn addition to NaniPay, HomeWorkSolutions offers a suite of other services which will help you navigate your nanny’s taxes, deductions, and make sure you are both in compliance with all tax laws.
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