10 Reasons to Require a Nanny to Have a Car

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When hiring a nanny, you should decide early on whether you prefer a live-in or live-out caregiver. You will also need to determine whether you require her to have her own car. The following are ten reasons to require a nanny to have a car:

  1. A live-out nanny will need to be able to commute reliably to and from your home. This might necessitate having her own transportation.
  2. Your family vehicles are needed for your own commutes and there are no additional vehicles available.
  3. If your budget won’t allow you to have a family car available to her, she will need to use her own vehicle for transportation. This, however, will mean providing compensation of some sort.
  4. You may also wish to save on your own car insurance by having your nanny operate and insure her own vehicle.
  5. It may be a good idea to have your nanny use her own car for a while until you feel comfortable allowing her to use a family vehicle.
  6. If your new nanny has any moving violations on her driving record, but is otherwise fully qualified and a good match for the family, having her use her own car until her violations are removed might be advisable.
  7. If your nanny uses her car instead of yours, you can also save on fuel costs. This makes it more cost-effective to compensate your nanny for the use of her car.
  8. Maintenance and repair bills on your family car can also add up quickly. If your nanny uses her car, you can provide additional incentives, like paid time off, or a health club membership, and still save money.
  9. If your nanny has her own vehicle,in addition to your family vehicle(s), you have some added insurance that reliable transportation would be available in an emergency.
  10. Your nanny’s car would make the logistics of getting your vehicles serviced a lot easier. You could rotate all vehicles for repairs and maintenance as needed, without being short of transportation.
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