24 Blog Extolling the Virtues of Drinking Tea for Your Health

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For thousands of years, many cultures have used and praised the health benefits associated with tea. There are several different types of tea and ways to drink it, from green tea to black tea and bagged tea to loose leaf tea, and each has their own unique benefits.  When a tea is younger and has a lower the amount of oxidation, you’ll derive more health benefits from it. Tea connoisseurs recommend drinking a variety of teas to enjoy all the health benefits that tea has to offer.  To learn all about tea, check out these 24 blog articles.

Health Benefits

Tea has been touted for its wide array of health benefits, and it can be hard to keep track of what is true and what isn’t. For instance, green tea is known for increasing metabolism, aiding in weight loss and reducing tooth decay, whereas red tea can help reduce allergy symptoms and is particularly good for the skin. Read all about the health benefits of various teas in these eight blog posts.

Weight Loss

Green tea is by far the most well-known tea for weight loss not only because it increases metabolism, but also because it promotes fat burning. Green tea is also beneficial for diabetics because it helps control the glucose levels in the body. Learn more about the virtues of green tea in these eight blog entries.

Tea Comparisons

You’ll want to learn the differences between the different types of teas to really understand the benefits of drinking tea. Find out if chamomile tea is a white tea, green tea or black tea.  Orange tea might not be a tea at all.  Take a look at these eight blog articles to learn all about the different types of tea.

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