10 Ways People Typically Find a Nanny Agency

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In previous articles, we’ve discussed the advantages of  using a reputable agency when hiring a nanny. In today’s column, we’re going to look at the various means for locating an agency. The following are 10 ways that people typically find a nanny agency:

  1. Online – Internet searches will produce a healthy number of options when looking for a good agency. Many agencies work nationally, while some work on a local level. You can check for the services they offer and, in many cases, customer reviews.
  2. Yellow Pages – Old school methods are still effective, so let your fingers do the walking to find nanny agencies serving your area.
  3. Parents Groups/ Organizations – Wherever parents meet, there’s apt to be information available about nanny services, with some recommendations from members. PTA meetings, play dates, Lamaze classes, scout meetings, children’s camp.
  4. Day Care Centers – You may be able to find ads or get referrals for nanny candidates from parents or employees at your local day care center. Some nannies may even work there part time.
  5. Co-workers – Working parents all face the same challenges. So chances are someone you work with will know where to look, and may even have some recommendations.
  6. Classified Ads – Some nanny agencies will advertise their services in newspaper classified ads. Look for a website in the ad, or call, to arrange for a consultation in person.
  7. Parenting Publications – Any ‘zine that centers on parenting will have feature articles on occasion as well as advertising for nanny agencies. Consider getting a subscription to a few if you haven’t already.
  8. Chamber of Commerce – Your local chamber of commerce is a great way to find reputable nanny agencies near you.
  9. Better Business Bureau – Another great option for not only finding an agency, but vetting it at the same time.
  10. Pediatrician – Your baby’s doctor’s office is another good place to get some leads. Nurses, patients and bulletin boards could produce some good info for you.
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