10 Reasons Moms Might Run Away from Home

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A recent article in a national magazine had everyone buzzing as it detailed the story of a mom who left her family behind. People wonder how it could ever be possible for a mother to leave her children. Fathers are known to walk out but mothers don’t have that reputation. However, there does seem to be a growing trend for moms to walk away even though it is still rare. Here, we look at a few causes as to why that may happen.

  1. Too much responsibility – There is the chance that some women feel too overwhelmed with the responsibility that being wife and mother entail. The expectations of motherhood and being a perfect wife can get pretty high and this can cause enough stress to make a mom want to leave it all behind.
  2. Lack of commitment – Not everyone who makes a family is committed to it. Just as fathers can lack a feeling of commitment to their families, mothers can feel the same way. The difference is that now more mothers are beginning to act on those feelings.
  3. Fear of parenting – Raising a child can be a daunting task in the best situations. If you have a child with special needs or hyper activity the stakes are raised even higher. Some mothers are afraid that they might not be up to the task of doing a good job so rather than tough it out, they leave.
  4. Desire to pursue other goals – Sometimes the greener pastures’ call is so loud that it can’t be resisted. For some, being offered the dream job or once in a life time opportunity and having to leave your family behind to do so is just too good to give up.
  5. Knowing that Dad is a better parent – There are some women who give up parenting. They just can’t handle it and they know that the children will do well and be nurtured and cared for sufficiently by Dad.
  6. Emotionally overwhelmed – Postpartum blues can cause women to do things that don’t make any sense at all. This kind of depression can have devastating effects upon the family. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed can bring anyone down, but if a person is dealing with chemical or hormonal imbalances it only exacerbates the problem.
  7. Finances – For some women who are experiencing serious financial difficulties, they may leave their children with the belief that they will have better life in the care of someone else. This is often true of mothers in third-world countries who abandon their children at orphanages.
  8. Personal problems – Some mothers have serious personal problems that they need to work on and they may feel that they cannot manage to do that in the family setting. Gambling, drugs, and other addictions are a few examples.
  9. For love – Unfortunately, in some cases, mothers have been known to walk away from their families in order to go off with a man. This, of course, has a devastating affect on children who can’t comprehend why she would love them less than this person who, to them, is a stranger.
  10. It’s the right thing to do – There are women who know their limitations and being an effective parent is just not within their reach. Women who have violent tempers know that they may hurt their children under certain circumstances. They may actually walk away out of love for the children.

It’s really unfortunate that any parent would leave the family, but motherhood has traditionally been such an honored position that the thought of a mother leaving her children is unimaginable. And yet, the mores of society are changing so that more women are beginning to search beyond the family bounds for their fulfillment. Mothers who believe they can’t handle family life are running away, rather than trying to find the support they need to effectively parent their children.

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