10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Keep Handy for the Kids in Your Life

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While Apple’s powerful iPhone device is so popular that it’s almost ubiquitous, it’s still a bit on the pricey side for most parents to present as a gift to their children. However, the vast number of kid-friendly apps that are available in the App Store can come in quite handy when you’re in the checkout line or in a waiting room. Parents that own iPhone devices and are amenable to the idea of letting their children play with them from time to time may find that these apps are perfect for keeping their little ones entertained.

  1. Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook – In addition to being a fun and entertaining interactive storybook, the $1.00 Speech With Milo app is also an effective speech therapy tool created by a licensed speech-language pathologist. If your child needs a bit of help in the language department, this app may be just what you’re looking for.
  2. Peek-a-Zoo – by Duck Duck Moose – This $0.99 app was selected by Apple as a New & Noteworthy App, and reached the number-one spot on the Top Paid Book App list. Peek-a-Zoo focuses on social and emotional cues, helping kids learn to recognize not only animals by name, but also emotions, actions and activities.
  3. Toca Hair Salon 2 – Toca Boca is a celebrated name in children’s apps, providing some of the best and brightest iPhone programming for the smaller set. Kids can operate their own hair salon with Toca Hair Salon, coloring, cutting and styling the characters’ hair however they like. There are also plenty of accessories like glasses and hats to further decorate their virtual clients!
  4. Cars in Sandbox: Construction – There’s something about construction vehicles that seems to fascinate most little ones. This $2.99 app capitalizes on that adoration, allowing kids to explore and learn about heavy machinery through top-notch animations, video and sound effects. Kids learn what each vehicle is used for and how each helps to build the world we live in, all while developing fine motor skills and gaining a sense of accomplishment from the gold star awards at the end of each round.
  5. Dot Collector – Great for infants and young toddlers, this $0.99 app is easy to understand and engaging, helping kids develop their fine motor skills while learning color recognition. Kids simply tap dots and drag them to a hole, where they disappear and are replaced by more dots. Straightforward and engaging, this app is one of a relatively small number that cater to kids so young.
  6. Pepi Bath – This is a $1.99 role-playing game that helps kids learn about hygiene and self-care while they guide Pepi through a clean-up routine. You can select Pepi’s gender at the beginning of each game, play with sprayers and toys or simply pop bubbles, making this app versatile and engaging.
  7. Feel Electric! – Recommended as a 2012 Parents’ Choice and hosted by members of the Electric Company cast, this free app includes three vocabulary-based games, a glossary of 50 emotions and 10 story makers to help kids accurately communicate and explore what they’re feeling.
  8. Lumi’s Book of Eyes – Written by an ophthalmologist, the $0.99 Lumi’s Book of Eyes app is an interactive storybook following Lumi as he travels the world and learns about how eyes work along the way. Recommended for kids’ ages four and up, Lumi’s Book of Eyes can also be a great conversation-starter before your child’s first eye exam or before getting glasses.
  9. Toca Kitchen – A Gold Winner of the 2012 Parents’ Choice Awards, this $1.99 app was developed by the renowned Toca Boca game studio. Kids can pick any ingredient they like and prepare it to their own specifications, without rigid rules or boundaries. Toca Boca games don’t have high scores or time limits, allowing kids to play them however they want.
  10. Helicopter Taxi – Winner of the Children’s Technology Review – Editor’s Choice Award, Helicopter Taxi lets kids fly their very own helicopter from the safety of the ground. The app even uses your iPhone’s camera to create an ultra-realistic and exciting experience for kids.

These kids’ apps offer great ways to keep youngsters entertained when you’re otherwise occupied, but they’re always more fun with a friend! Playing these games together will not only help your children learn how to operate and navigate them more confidently, but also learn new skills with the help of an iPhone and a loving parent. Even if you’re making an effort to limit screen time, playing games together on occasion will allow the two of you to spend some enjoyable and exciting quality time together.

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