10 iPhone Apps for Busy, Working Moms

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Climbing the corporate ladder and raising a family are both very demanding, full-time jobs. Women who are juggling these two aspects of modern life know just how precious any time-saving tool is, which is why so many use iPhones and the host of applications available in the App Store to shave minutes off of a variety of everyday tasks and capture precious memories. These 10 apps are among the most valuable to working mothers, due to their time-saving and convenient features.

  1. Baby Connect – Keeping up with your baby’s feeding information, the time and duration of her naps, and medication dosage schedules while you’re at work was once a difficult proposition. These days, Baby Connect makes it easy for the modern, working mother to track all of Baby’s information. Your nanny or caregiver can synchronize her own app with yours, allowing you to access baby tracking data throughout the day.
  2. Evernote – Rather than keeping all of your notes about childcare, doctors’ appointments and meetings on scraps of paper that can be easily lost and will eventually end up in a landfill if they’re not recycled, you can keep all of your information in one app that can be accessed with a few taps of the screen. The app is free, and creates a completely searchable database that makes finding your existing notes a snap.
  3. Simple Grocery List – A trip to the grocery store can easily turn into two or three extra ones when crucial items are forgotten, which is a luxury that busy, working mothers simply don’t have the time for. Keeping track of your grocery list is quick and easy with this no-frills, easy-to-navigate, free app.
  4. Intuition: Mom’s Assistant – Created by moms to act as a virtual assistant for other working moms strapped for time, this free app manages several crucial aspects of a mother and career woman’s life. Everything from wish lists to grocery coupons are accommodated, along with location assistance that will send alerts when you’re near stores or other landmarks connected with a task in your to-do list.
  5. PhotoShare & PhotoTransfer – Snapshots of your little one are precious, and can be shared with a few taps of the screen using this $0.99 app. Post pictures from family time to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter, or urge your childcare provider to post any particularly adorable moments throughout the work day with her own iPhone.
  6. Dragon Dictation – Dictating your emails rather than typing them out won’t just save you from an expensive traffic citation or the possibility of an accident during your morning commute, but it also is up to five times faster than using your keyboard. When every moment counts, opting for this free app’s ability to compose emails and text messages while you’re away from the office might be the best choice.
  7. AllRecipes.Com Dinner Spinner – Search for meal ideas based on the ingredients you already have on hand or shake for a random recipe on the rare evening when you have time to invest in a meal. A free app that allows you to search by dish, ingredients, and cooking time is valuable enough; this one also offers recipes for gluten-free and vegetarian diets.
  8. Remember the Milk – This free app is one of the most comprehensive, feature-laden options in the to-do list/reminder application corner of the App Store. The app corresponds and syncs with the popular web application of the same name, allowing you to add tasks from your desk and check them off with your phone. Receive reminders of remaining tasks via email, SMS or instant messenger to ensure that you never forget an important meeting, moment or errand again.
  9. Text’nDrive –  The rising number of serious car accidents resulting from a texting driver has spurred many states to outlaw texting and driving, meaning that it’s important for rushed, working mothers to find a safe and legal alternative. This free app will read any messages you receive off to you, and allow you to reply with your own voice, rather than taking the risk of using your keyboard.
  10. CardStar – Fumbling for your customer loyalty, membership and rewards cards can be a hassle when you’re in a rush, especially if you have quite a few of them. This free app lets you import those cards quickly and easily, freeing up space in your wallet and time spent shuffling through them as lines behind you back up. Never miss another special offer, daily deal or card-linked coupon again, as CardStar also allows you to browse through those connected with cards you already have! 

Thanks to the power of Apple’s iPhone and the vast array of options in the App Store, working mothers have an almost endless number of time-saving tools at the tips of their fingers. The iTunes App Store also hosts a wide variety of apps directed at children, providing them with a diversion during those times when you’re able to surrender your phone in the interest of keeping the peace and staving off boredom.

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