10 Fairy Tales that Actually Could Happen

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Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you.
If you’re young at heart.

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Yes, we know. If fairy tales could actually happen, they wouldn’t be fairy tales. Bear with us while we attempt to convince both you and ourselves of the impossible. What if you really could see a fairy tale come true? Think of the premise behind some familiar fairy tales and consider the possibility of some of them really happening. We’ve thought it over and have come up with ten that we think could come true:

  1. The Ugly Duckling – This one happens all the time, in fact. Who hasn’t gone to a high school reunion and witnessed the knockout beauty who used to be the homely, invisible girl from chemistry class? We rest our case.
  2. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Another example of a fable which has its basis in reality. This is a rather familiar story that many of us relate to in our own lives. We’ve even seen a tombstone that read, “I told you I was sick”. Poor soul was probably a hypochondriac whose family and doctor had just stopped listening.
  3. Beauty and the Beast – We’ve personally seen this one come true many times, especially when we were still single. We always just assumed that they were beasts with fat wallets, or … something. Anyway, this one can and does come true. That is, except for the part about the beast actually being a handsome prince, but you can’t have everything.
  4. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Follow with us on this one. Let’s say that, instead of an emperor you had a real estate mogul worth a fortune. And instead of having no clothes, he just had really bad hair. Are you with us? Then you can see how fairy tales can in fact, um, trump reality.
  5. Jack the Giant Killer – Anyone who doesn’t believe that this fairy tale about a young boy who takes down some giants can actually happen hasn’t been paying attention. We’ll offer a couple of names for you to ponder: Mark Zuckerberg, the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, and Rosa Parks. ‘Nuf said.
  6. Cinderella – We’re thinking that Kate Middleton, or for that matter Princess Diana before her, fairly fit the role in this fairy tale. They may not have had evil stepmothers, or had to step into a glass slipper to win over their prince, but they surely captured the imagination of the rest of us who still see it all as a fairy tale.
  7. Bluebeard – Sad to say, we can see this one actually happening too. It’s not a pretty fairy tale, nor one we’d like to see come true, but it does have enough elements in reality to be a possibility.
  8. The Turnip – A German fairy tale about a pair of brothers, envy and virtue. The turnip in the plot represents the fruit of hard work versus easy wealth, and there’s a lesson in here that rings true and has undoubtedly been seen in real life already.
  9. The Nail – Here is a morality tale about procrastination and haste. This story becomes reality all too often in the lives of those caught up in their own priorities who fail to see the need to slow down and tend to the little things around them.
  10. The Peasant in Heaven – In this story of our heavenly rewards, a peasant and a rich man come before St. Peter, and receive vastly different greetings. The message about riches in this life and beyond are compelling, and we can only hope that at least part of this fairy tale comes true.

There are elements of fairy tales in our mundane, everyday lives. We just have to take a moment to really see them. After all, when we were children didn’t we all wish we lived in a fairy tale? Well, now you can say you really do.

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