10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Velma

As the no-nonsense brainiac of Mystery Incorporated, Velma Dinkley is almost always the first to unravel the enigma at hand. The polar opposite of her sole female co-star Daphne, Velma seems to have absolutely no interest in fashion or personal style, preferring hefty tomes over style rags. Here are ten of the lessons that generations of kids have learned from watching Velma in action.

  1. Being Smart Can Save the Day – Because of her high level of intelligence, Velma is able to think her way out of almost any bind she manages to find herself in; whether she’s solving the mystery or figuring out a plan of escape, Velma is a great example of how embracing your intelligence can pay off.
  2. Even Geniuses Can Be Scatterbrained – Despite being the indisputable brains of the operation, Velma’s inability to stay in possession of her glasses is a running gag. Her difficulty managing this small task is a great lesson for smart-but-scattered kids everywhere.
  3. Girl Scouts Can Pay Off – When a skill like Morse code pays off, Velma is quick to give the credit to the Girl Scouts of America. Her endorsement of this beloved institution has caused generations of girls to sign up, learning their own set of preparedness and survival skills.
  4. Athletes Can Be Brains, Too – In direct opposition of the stereotype that intellectuals are physically weak, Velma displays almost superhuman strength. Physical feats present almost no challenge for her, making it almost impossible to best her, whether intellectually or physically.
  5. Even the Most Courageous People Have Fears – Velma is historically brave; however, that doesn’t mean that she’s completely without fear. Even the toughest, strongest contenders have things that terrify them. In Velma’s case, she suffers from coulrophobia: fear of clowns.
  6. Self-Awareness is a Good Thing – For all of her intelligence and perceptiveness, Velma seems to be profoundly lacking in the self-awareness department. She refers to her sister Madelyn, who bears a strong resemblance to her in style of dress and personality, as a “nerd” on more than one occasion, indicating that she might be short on self-awareness.
  7. Be Yourself – Velma Dinkley is nothing if not unrepentantly and wholly herself. She has no time for the things that she doesn’t find interesting and makes no effort to change any aspect of herself, even when she finds herself with feelings for Shaggy. This dedication to being true to yourself can be a wildly valuable, if somewhat stubborn, example for kids.
  8. Romance Can Be Complicated – Kids watching the awkward and ultimately ill-fated romance between Velma and Shaggy unfold, learn quickly that romance is difficult and can easily complicate friendships.
  9. You Never Know When an Obscure Interest Will Come in Handy – Though many of Velma’s interests are so obscure that one might consider pursuing them a waste of time, she always seems to have the exact arcane knowledge required to solve a mystery, teaching kids that even the oddest interests may prove useful one day.
  10. Being Strong Means Accepting Help When It’s Needed – Though her physical and intellectual strength is almost unparalleled, Velma is not too stubborn to accept help when she finds herself in need of it. For headstrong youngsters, this can be a very valuable and difficult lesson to learn.

Velma has plenty to teach kids, as she fills her all important role in the mystery solving team of Mystery, Inc.