10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Scrappy Doo

Despite being shrouded in controversy and the source of many spirited debates among cartoon aficionados, Scrappy-Doo’s influence on the Scooby-Doo franchise is undeniable. Introduced as Scooby’s nephew in an at-the-time successful attempt to boost ratings, Scrappy’s name has since become synonymous with writers’ efforts to save a failing show with the introduction of an overly-exuberant, aggravatingly cute character. Whether he’s loved or hated, here are ten of the lessons that can be learned from this pint-sized pup.

  1. Bravery is a Virtue – One of the biggest differences between Scrappy and his beloved Uncle Scooby is his seeming lack of fear. Scrappy’s bravery knows no bounds, showing kids that a measure of bravery can help them get through tough times.
  2. A Quick Temper Can Lead to Trouble – Scrappy’s incredibly short fuse and resulting desire for violence almost invariably leads to chaos; from this, kids can learn just how quickly a fit of temper can get out of hand.
  3. Big Personalities Can Come in Tiny Packages – Despite being significantly smaller than everyone around him, Scrappy is in possession of one of the biggest personalities in the cast. Watching the little-bitty Scrappy make a big difference with his wit and courage can help kids see that their contributions count, too.
  4. Loyalty Sets You Apart – Scrappy’s loyalty to his gang is unquestionable. He’d brave any danger to keep them safe or to rescue them; this intense loyalty is the cornerstone of friendships and serves as a great lesson for kids about the importance of being loyal to those who are loyal to you.
  5. Family is Precious – From the way that he idolizes his beloved Uncle Scooby, it’s plain to see that Scrappy’s loyalty more than extends to his family. The importance of preserving family relationships is demonstrated in several ways in the Scooby universe; still, the love that Scooby and Shaggy have for one another is something special.
  6. Kids Can Save the Day, Too – Scrappy is often responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for the rescue of team members, the catching of the bad guy, or both. For kids who are used to thinking that they can’t do anything important until they’re grown up, this can be a great lesson about the impact that even the youngest members of the family can have.
  7. There’s Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing – While Scrappy’s child-like enthusiasm was embraced by viewers at first, his cuteness soon became cloying for longtime fans. Eventually, he was blamed for the decline of the franchise, leaving viewers with the lesson that too much of a good thing is a very, very bad thing.
  8. Fame is Fickle – Scrappy-Doo once rode the wave of fame proudly, only to find himself crushed under it with almost no notice. Fame is a notoriously fickle friend, which is a lesson that kids can apply to schoolyard popularity.
  9. Little Guys Can Make a Difference – Though the end result may not have been what writers were hoping for, there was a time when Scrappy-Doo’s pint-sized presence saved the beloved series from certain cancellation.
  10. Confidence is Key – If there’s one thing that Scrappy-Doo has in spades, it’s confidence. There’s no lack of self-assurance in this pup, which helps to make him a great example for kids that struggle with their self-image.

Scrappy’s vibrant character easily captures the attention of young children. Along with the smiles that he can generate, they can learn a few lessons from him too.