10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Linus

Sweet little Linus, from the Peanuts gang, has much to teach kids about life. He can be a wise little guy as he goes through life clutching his blanket, making observations, and holding on to what he believes to be true. Some of the lessons to be learned from Linus are listed below.

  1. Let go when you are ready to let go – The term “security blanket” did not exist until Linus made it a popular phrase due to his relationship with his blanket. His sister Lucy teases him about it and at one point he tries to give it up, but he is not ready, and he readily admits it. He realizes that someday he will be able to let go, but that day hasn’t come yet. Kids need to understand that sometimes we all need added security, and that’s okay. The day will come when we will be fine on our own and when we are ready, we can let go.
  2. Happiness can be found in simple things – The Peanuts kids sing a song about happiness, and Linus certainly finds it in very simple things. One of the things that makes him most happy is his blanket. Teaching kids how to recognize happiness in the simplest of what life has to offer, is a gift we can give our kids in these uncertain times.
  3. Find a way to cope with your everyday problems – Even children have challenges that upset them, and they need to find a way to cope. If it means dragging around an old piece of blanket or hanging on to a dilapidated doll, that’s okay. We see Linus dealing with the badgering of his sister Lucy, and somehow he manages to work through it all. Learning to cope with life’s pestering problems is a skill that everyone needs to develop.
  4. Be true to yourself – Linus doesn’t change to fit other people’s ideas of what he should be like. From his holding on to his blanket, the sucking of his thumb and his belief in the Great Pumpkin, Linus remains true to himself.
  5. Be supportive of your friends – Linus is always the most supportive friend of Charlie Brown. He looks up to Charlie, and from time to time offers some advice on how to handle situations. A supportive friend means the world to a kid like Charlie who is always on the short end of the stick.
  6. Develop a strong belief system – Linus has a belief system that seems unshakeable. Even through teasing and mockery, he insists that the Great Pumpkin is real and will come to bestow good things on the children who believe in him. There is a lesson to be learned here about being true to yourself and honoring your beliefs.
  7. Learn how to be a team player – It’s good to be a leader, but even leaders need to learn what it means to be a team player. Linus has some good ideas and insights that he shares with the rest of the gang from time to time. He knows how to work with others and be supportive of the group. This is a valuable trait to encourage in children.
  8. Encourage one another – In Charlie Brown’s Christmas movie, Linus is the only one who stands up with Charlie in his choice of a Christmas tree. Linus recites what is the true meaning of Christmas at the pageant in support of his friend. If more kids learned to be encouraging of one another, imagine how the school yards would change.
  9. Don’t just talk about it, do something! – Linus is good at reminding Charlie Brown that a person needs to do something if they want to see change happen. Children and adults can benefit from this lesson.
  10. Blessed are the peacemakers – Linus, being a middle child, is always trying to make rough situations better. He has lots of insight and wisdom. He uses these to bring understanding to circumstances. The world is certainly in need of more peacemakers.

There is a lot to be learned from Linus van Pelt. He is well informed and a very intelligent little boy with a wonderfully sensitive side. The lessons he teaches are valuable for developing desirable character traits.