10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Judy Jetson

Though she was surrounded by the trappings of a middle-class existence a hundred years into the future, Judy Jetson was still very recognizable as a typical teenage girl. With her platinum locks and crushes on Space Age rock stars, Judy is a wealth of lessons for young viewers, even today. These ten timeless lessons can be learned from watching Judy Jetson interact with those around her.

  1. Younger Siblings May Be More Valuable Than You Give Them Credit For – On more than one occasion, Judy’s “annoying” little brother Elroy managed to impress his older sister; whether his genius-level codes were winning her a chance to meet the rock star of her dreams or his cuteness was landing him on a potentially-popularity-boosting television show, Judy and viewers alike learn that younger siblings are more than just minor irritants.
  2. Lovesick Tendencies Can Lead to Big Trouble – Judy’s boy-crazy leanings are the stuff of legend and plot device; they also tend to cause more harm than good. Watching Judy’s antics is a great way for kids to learn that there are pitfalls associated with love obsession.
  3. Snobbery Isn’t Cool – In the episode “Judy’s Birthday Surprise,” Judy exhibits an off-putting penchant for snobbery when she calls a helpful, albeit “uncool” classmate by the wrong name after he comes to her aid. To compound matters, she later turns to him when all of her other plans fall through, helping viewers see snobbery from the victim’s perspective.
  4. It Can Be Easy to Get In Over Your Head – A need to run with the “cool” crowd, despite her misgivings about their behavior leaves Judy in way over her blonde head in the episode “Judy Takes Off.” Watching the events unfold helps kids see that peer pressure can lead to big trouble.
  5. Looks Aren’t Everything – When George suggests that Judy spend a bit of time with her nerdy Cousin Melissa, Judy balks because of what she recalls as Melissa’s lack of fashion sense and style. Unbeknownst to Judy, Melissa’s undergone a bad-girl makeover in the time since they last saw each other; both aspects of Melissa’s personality and Judy’s reaction to them teach kids that appearances are far from the most important parts of a person.
  6. Keeping a Household Running is No Easy Task – When George and Jane go on vacation, leaving Judy in charge, she quickly learns that looking after the house isn’t as easy as she originally imagined. For kids everywhere, this is a great lesson about taking the tasks that parents perform for granted.
  7. Even Self-Absorbed People Can Have Substance – Though she’s almost invariably portrayed as shallow and self-absorbed, Judy Jetson shows a real concern for other people when she helps Sam Spacely and Asteroid Cogswell elope under the noses of their feuding families.
  8. A Strong Work Ethic is Important – Though her motivating factor was, as always, securing the affections of a boy, Judy shows an impressive work ethic in the episode “9 to 5 to 9.” Working three jobs in order to save up enough to buy the car she hopes will impress the boy of her dreams, Judy sends a rather mixed message about priorities, but a strong one regarding the importance of working hard to earn the things you want.
  9. Parents Can Be Embarrassing – One of the more commonly referenced aspects of Judy’s relationship with her father is her mortification when he attempts to dance. His lack of skill is the source of endless humiliation for Judy, who must simply accept that sometimes, parents can be embarrassing.
  10. It’s Important to Cultivate Your Own Interests – In the “Mirrormorph” episode, viewers once again find Judy attempting to master a new skill in order to gain the approval and affections of a classmate. This pattern of behavior is portrayed in such a light that even young viewers learn the importance of cultivating your own interests and being your own person.

Teenagers are often idolized by younger children. Judy Jetson provides a good view into the foibles of what it truly is like to be a teenager.