10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Jane Jetson

The flame-haired fashionista that serves as matriarch for the futuristic Jetson family is a wealth of lessons for young fans of the show. Since her creation in the early 1960’s, Jane Jetson has become a pop-culture figurehead and an immediately-recognizable animation star. Here are ten of the lessons that little ones can learn, just from watching Jane Jetson.

  1. Some People Can Complain About Anything – Despite all of the overwhelming conveniences that are part of Jane Jetson’s life, she’s still quite adept at playing the role of martyred, overworked housewife. Seeing this tendency to complain is a great way for kids to learn that some people simply like to complain.
  2. Overspending Usually Leads to Trouble – Like many homemaker sitcom characters of the era, Jane Jetson has a love of fashion and a penchant for overspending. While many people consider this portrayal sexist and one-dimensional, it’s still a good lesson about the importance of budgeting.
  3. An Interest in the Arts is a Good Thing – In addition to her love of clothing, Jane also has an interest in the arts and humanities; these interests are great for people of all ages, and can serve as a jumping-off point for conversations about the arts between parents and children.
  4. Hobbies Should Be Nurtured – Though her aversion to work leaves something to be desired, Jane is on the right track when it comes to supporting and nurturing her hobbies, which are an essential part of a balanced life.
  5. Family Comes First – Jane Jetson, while being a poster child for lack of industriousness and a talent for frivolity, is still greatly dedicated to her family. It’s very clear that the happiness and well-being of her family is the most important thing in her life, with everything else taking a backseat. This sets a great example for kids about the importance of family.
  6. Dependability is a Virtue – Despite her shortcomings, which we all have, Jane is a very dependable person, and a dedicated wife and mother. This personality trait can serve as a great example for kids.
  7. Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Jane’s vanity is touched on or alluded to in many episodes, especially the “Miss Solar System” offering, in which Jane competes in a beauty pageant. Her behavior can open the door for a very important dialogue between parents and children about vanity and shallowness.
  8. We All Need to Get Away From Time to Time – In the episode “Dude Planet,” Jane is overwhelmed by the demands of her life and finds herself in need of a holiday. For today’s chronically-over-scheduled kids, the message that we all need downtime on occasion is a valuable one.
  9. Laziness is a Vice – Essentially, Jane Jetson is a lazy character. Despite being very charming and likeable, this aversion to working casts her in a somewhat unflattering light, helping kids understand the importance of being industrious and willing to work.
  10. Love Really Does Conquer All – In more than one episode, Jane and George are presented with the opportunity to change their minds regarding marriage, with almost no consequences. Instead, they opt to stay together and work things out; a great message for children today about the power of love.

Jane and her Barbie doll figure is not without lessons to teach, as you can see; though, you may need to provide a little guidance so that the lessons taught are the ones you want your young ones to learn.