10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Elroy Jetson

The pint-sized genius of the Jetson family, Elroy is a precious (and precocious) example of the archetypal “Good Kid.” As modern children rediscover the greatness of vintage cartoons like The Jetsons, an entirely new generation is introduced to the lessons that can be learned, simply by watching. Here are ten of the lessons that can be taken from Elroy and his behavior.

  1. Schoolwork is Important – With his excellent grades and dedication to doing the right thing, Elroy is one of the best examples out there for kids regarding the importance of education.
  2. Your Heroes May Not be All They Seem – In one episode entitled “Elroy’s Pal,” our favorite miniature inventor is favored with the prize of meeting his favorite celebrity. After a series of blunders, George discovers that Nimbus the Great might not be all that great; Elroy learns a valuable lesson about fictional heroes and those of the real-life variety.
  3. Honesty is Still The Best Policy – After breaking a lamp in an attempt to juggle, Elroy faces a dilemma: should he tell the truth and suffer the consequences, or use his above-average intellect to get out of trouble? In the end, both Elroy and his pint-sized fans learn the value of honesty.
  4. Even Little Guys Can Have Huge Ideas – Despite being very young and rather small for his size, Elroy has no shortage of big ideas and the know-how to bring them to fruition. He serves as an inspiration for kids everywhere, proving that the sky is the limit.
  5. Rescuing Pets is Its Own Reward – Both of the Jetson family’s beloved pets, Astro and Orbitty, found their way to their forever homes at the hands of Elroy Jetson. The importance of rescuing pets and its inherent reward is passed on to small viewers.
  6. Running Away Won’t Solve Anything – When a troubled classmate switches his failing report tape with Elroy’s excellent one, Elroy decides to run away upon discovering that his parents don’t believe his story. In the end, he learns a very important lesson about running away, and how little it solves.
  7. Too Much Curiosity Can Lead to Trouble – Though his inquisitiveness is borne of his intelligence and need to know how things operate, Elroy’s abundant curiosity caused more than one chaotic situation during the run of the show.
  8. A Backup Plan Can Save the Day – After an invention switcheroo causes chaos in the episode “Dog Daze Afternoon,” everything is set back to rights because Elroy has a backup dog-trainer chip, showing kids that being well-prepared is the way to go.
  9. A Sense of Justice is a Good Thing – Elroy Jetson has a very well-formed sense of justice, which moves him to make the right choices and stand up for those who are in need of help. This strength of character is a great example for kids, and helps to make Elroy one of the better options when it comes to cartoon role-models.
  10. Your Parents Might Not Be as Boring as You Think – Faced with the task of making a video chronicling a day in the life of his father, Elroy is dismayed by the thought that his father’s dull job will be an embarrassment. When the tape of George repetitively pressing a button at Spacely Sprockets is replaced with an exciting reel showcasing his adventures in keeping Astro out of trouble, kids watching learn alongside Elroy that sometimes parents aren’t as boring as they seem.

Elroy Jetson is one of those cartoon-kids that kids viewing the program will find full of positive lessons that are easy to glean.