10 Lessons Kids can Learn from Dino

Dino, the “snorkasaurus,” is the pet of Wilma and Fred Flintstone. He pretty much behaves as a dog and is a very loyal and affectionate. There are lessons to be learned from this prehistoric pooch and his relationship to his humans. Below are some of the lessons we can learn from Dino.

  1. Obedience – Dino is obedient to a certain extent. He seems obedient mostly for Wilma and Betty and the kids and not quite as much for Fred. Obedience is a necessity for keeping out of trouble and learning how to make good choices.
  2. Be loyal – It is obvious that Dino is crazy about his family and extremely loyal. He especially likes Fred. Family loyalty is important because it provides security and a sense of belonging.
  3. Don’t be a nuisance – Every time that Fred comes home from work, Dino greets him by jumping all over him and giving him wet dino-kisses. It annoys Fred, but at the same time he is used to it. Even though you love your family members, try not to be annoying. Take their feelings into consideration before you bombard them with your own unbridled burst of emotion.
  4. Do the best you can – From time to time, Dino takes on other responsibilities outside the home. In the short film, “Dino in the Great Eggscape”, Dino is charged with retrieving an egg that is stolen from the Bedrock Museum. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, he fails to get the perpetrators. However, he does the best he can. Kids need to learn that sometimes, even though they do their best, they might not accomplish what they set out to do. The key is to continue to always try to do your best.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take on responsibility – Dino ends up having to take on the responsibility of taking care of the dinosaur that is hatched in the Great Eggscape. He could shirk the duty, but instead he takes it on. Sometimes it is hard to get kids to accept certain responsibilities, but they can be coaxed into it. Showing kids that taking on extra responsibilities can be a good thing, might lead them to be more conscientious later in life.
  6. Let folks know you love them – The saddest thing is for people to go through life not knowing they are loved. Fred knows that he is well loved by Dino. Show those you love how much you love them in special ways.
  7. Be perseverant – In the short film, “Stay Out!” Dino is told by Fred to put the cat out for the night. Dino takes his responsibility seriously and keeps putting the cat out only to have it show up in the house time and again. By the time Fred gets home, Dino has put the cat in a shed several times to no avail. Together they find out that there are many cats and not just one. Dino doesn’t give up trying to do what he was told and this is a lesson that can help kids learn perseverance.
  8. Pets are an important part of the family. There is no doubting the fact that Dino is as much a member of the Flintstone family, as anyone else. As much as Fred may get frustrated with Dino’s enthusiastic greeting, he’d miss it if Dino wasn’t there.
  9. Pets require training. Many dogs react to visitors and others as they enter the home in the same enthusiastic way that Dino greets Fred. Pets require training to teach them appropriate behavior.
  10. Pets require care. Dino, like any pet, needs to be fed and cared for. Asking your parents to bring a pet into the home should not be done unless you are prepared to carry some of that daily responsibility for their care. Another lesson kids might learn from Dino. 

There are lessons to be learned in almost every story your kids come across. Finding the deeper meaning in the shows they watch can help you get important messages across to them. Spend time with your kids looking for the lessons in the stories they encounter.