10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Daphne

Though she began her career as a Scooby-Doo cast member on a rather one-dimensional note, Daphne Blake’s character was actually the one to see the most development and fleshing out through the life of the franchise. From her beginnings as a shallow fashionista to her more recent turn as a successful investigative journalist, here are ten lessons that young fans of Scooby-Doo can learn from Daphne.

  1. Follow Your Intuition – Of all Mystery, Incorporated’s members, Daphne is the one who trusts her instincts and intuition the most. She relies on her gut as opposed to Velma’s insistence on logic and fact. For kids, learning to follow instincts as well as logic is a valuable life lesson.
  2. Enthusiasm is a Positive Personality Trait – Another of the traits that sets Daphne apart from her friends is her boundless enthusiasm. She’s always ready for adventure and never backs down from a challenge. Young fans of Daphne could certainly do worse than imitating this aspect of her character.
  3. Don’t Be Fooled By Appearances – Though Daphne appears to be a shallow-minded girl from a rich family with very little substance, she’s actually the embodiment of the tenet, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” She’s actually a dedicated, strong character capable of withstanding the challenges she faces as a member of Mystery, Inc.
  4. Character Development is Essential– In the world of cartoons, very few characters are afforded the opportunity to grow and develop; in Daphne’s case, this certainly doesn’t apply. Kids can learn the importance of evolving and growing as a person from watching her journey as a character.
  5. Confidence is Helpful – When it comes to confidence, Daphne has the market cornered. Though she’s not conceited, she’s well aware of her abilities and has a marked level of pride in them; this is an important lesson for kids to learn at any age, and is taught well by Ms. Blake.
  6. Resourcefulness and Preparedness Are Key – Whenever the gang is in need of a random and unexpected tool or piece of equipment, the eminently prepared Daphne Blake will inevitably have it in her purse, setting a great example for the kids watching.
  7. Even Accident-Prone Damsels in Distress Can become Heroines – Her penchant for finding trouble spurred Fred to bestow Daphne with the nickname “Danger-Prone Daphne,” but that doesn’t stop the headstrong young lady from throwing herself into each new adventure with gusto.
  8. We All Have Our Trademarks – Unlike other characters, the style of Daphne’s clothing has been known to change from time to time. However, Daphne is completely dedicated to her trademark color scheme of purple and green; this amusing quirk of her personality is a great portrayal of the trademark quirks everyone has.
  9. Love is a Battlefield – Despite her many talents and areas of expertise, there’s one thing that’s beyond Daphne’s sphere of influence: Fred. Seemingly oblivious to her affections, he’s open about his feelings for other girls. This painful lesson is one that everyone learns eventually; doing so vicariously is significantly less painful than doing so firsthand later in life.
  10. It’s Okay to Surrender Sometimes– While she’s known for being a strong, independent character, Daphne still understands that there are times when a person must surrender control. This is another valuable lesson that children can glean from observing Daphne Blake.

Daphne is an important team member of Mystery, Inc.; one, that kids will learn from as they enjoy the thrills and adventures of the entire Scooby Doo crew.