10 Lessons Kids Can Learn From Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is quite the character. What can kids learn from this rude dude? I found that it is more of what not to do with this boy, who seems to know no rules.

  1. Belching is acceptable no matter what situation you’re in. Whether he’s at home or school, in public or private Bart lets it all out. It doesn’t help that his dad, Homer, is his best teacher in this.
  2. Elders are to be laughed at, no matter the expense. Bart often finds opportunities to make the adults in his life look like fools. He is witty with his comebacks and disrespectful, to get a laugh out of his classmates and friends.
  3. Being rude will get you out of responsibilities. Bart uses his wit and rudeness to annoy people, and sometimes it works. Sometimes he’s able to get himself out of his responsibilities by being so bothersome. Who wants to take extra time to teach him a lesson when he’s ridiculing you the whole time?
  4. School is only worth the trouble when you’re having fun learning. Bart hates school and only goes because he has too. He rarely learns anything because it’s “boring” or no fun. There is a rare occasion where he actually likes what he’s learning, and then school is cool for this little fool.
  5. Adults are easy to trick when you change your voice. Bart is very good at changing his voice, especially over the phone. He continually makes prank phone calls to the local bar, school, and even his parents. He likes to get a good laugh and show off to his friends how witty he is. “Is your refrigerator running?”
  6. How to be lazy. Bart is truly slothful. He doesn’t do his homework. He doesn’t do his chores. He litters. He may have learned these characteristics from his dad, Homer, who hates to go to work and sits on his butt the whole time he is at home.
  7. Having fun is more important than anything. Watching TV, playing video games, and skateboarding are Bart’s idea of fun. In Bart’s mind nothing is worth doing unless it’s fun. This attitude fosters his laziness and troublemaking attitude.
  8. Being the leader of the pack is important. If you aren’t leading the pack, they’re leading you. Bart wants to make sure he’s the one doing the bullying and does whatever it takes to keep that top dog spot.
  9. How to be impolite. Bart slouches in his seat, talks out of turn, uses inappropriate words, and yells at anyone in his path. He is the king of rudeness. These are more traits he may have learned from Homer.
  10. Actions have consequences. In the opening credits Bart is always shown writing sentences on the chalkboard after school. He is obviously being punished for doing something against the rules in the classroom.

As Bart would say, “Hay Carumba!” Not following the rules seems to be Bart’s motto. He, unfortunately, seems to take a few lessons from his father in being rude and lazy. He definitely teaches kids what NOT to do.