10 Lessons Kids can Learn from Bamm-Bamm

Bamm-Bamm Rubble is the adopted son of The Flintstone’s characters, Betty and Barney Rubble. As a youngster, Bamm-Bamm doesn’t have a lot to say, but by his actions, he gets the point across. You may not think there is much to learn from a little cave man kid; however, there are some excellent lessons to be had from this character. Below are just a few.

  1. Difficult situations can turn out for the better – Bamm-Bamm was left on the Rubble’s door step when he was just a little kid. No one knows why he was placed there, but there he was nevertheless. Barney and Betty could have taken him to the nearest child welfare place. Instead, they took him into their home and into their hearts, where he grew up happy and healthy.
  2. The kids in the neighborhood can become life time friends – Nowadays with play dates and so many things scheduled away from home, neighbors don’t quite get a chance to know each other unless they make an effort to do so. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm became fast friends as they grew up together. Sometimes your best friend in the whole world might just be the person who lives next door.
  3. You might be stronger than you think – One of Bamm-Bamm’s abilities was his super-human strength. For him, it just came naturally so he didn’t think anything of it. Oftentimes we don’t know our own abilities. When some extraordinary trait comes natural to us, we might have a tendency to not recognize the scope of it. Learning to recognize, appreciate and use our gifts and talents early on can open the doors to many opportunities we would otherwise miss.
  4. Self control is essential – Can you imagine the havoc in your home if your child had super human strength and you had to teach the kid how to control that power? Learning self control is vital for all kids. Kids can get out of hand if they don’t understand how necessary it is for them to develop control over their instincts and abilities.
  5. You can be a role model for your friends and siblings – In early episodes, Bamm-Bamm could walk while Pebbles was still crawling. In some of those episodes, he tries to help her learn how to walk. It’s essential for kids to understand that they can have a significant influence on their friends and siblings. This is especially true for younger ones. Being a positive role model for others can be seen as a high honor.
  6. Help around the house – Bamm-Bamm was always helpful to his mom. Since he had the strength, he lifted the furniture so she could clean under it. Your kids aren’t going to lift furniture like that, but they can learn to be helpful in other ways. Getting kids to help around the house teaches them responsibility and how to be a productive member of a community.
  7. Practice your vocabulary – Bamm-Bamm was a kid of few words. Very few as a matter of fact. Even though he was always able to get what he wanted by his limited vocabulary, it would have been so much nicer for Barney and Betty if he would have used words. It’s speculated that he was raised by mastodons before he came to them, so of course, that probably had something to do with it!
  8. Adoption is a Positive Thing – Since Bamm-Bamm is an adopted child with very loving and accepting adoptive parents, he provides a great intro to the discussion of the positive virtues of adoption, rather than the negative stigma which is sometimes attached to it.
  9. Toddlers Need to Be Watched – Older siblings are often asked to ‘keep an eye on’ their younger siblings. Since Bamm-Bamm is a rambunctious toddler himself, he can be a reminder of the trouble little kids can get into if they are not watched carefully by those responsible.
  10. Boys and Girls Can Be Friends – Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles are playmates, which is not unusual in the toddler stage. As kids get older, they can tend to separate out into boys with boys and girls with girls friendships. This opposite gender friendship can be a reminder that kids don’t have to limit their friendships to kids of the same gender. 

Gathering lessons from cartoons you kids watch can be entertaining and educational as well. They will come up with lessons on their own once you show them how to watch TV with a more focused view. This makes for great family discussions.