Lirik Lagu Jawaban Cinta Ost Wedding Agreement

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Lirik Lagu “Jawaban Cinta” Ost Wedding Agreement: A Heartfelt Love Song with a Powerful Message

“Jawaban Cinta” is a love song that is featured in the Indonesian movie Wedding Agreement. The song is written by composer and songwriter Tya Subiakto and performed by singer-songwriter Rizky Febian. This beautiful love song delivers a significant message about love and the sacrifices that one makes for the person they love.

The song begins with a soothing melody played by a piano and supported by a gentle guitar strum. Rizky Febian`s voice comes in, serene and emotional, and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics describe a love that is pure and selfless, a love that is willing to do anything for the person they love. The singer tells his lover that he will sacrifice everything just to be with her, even if it means giving up his dreams or his pride.

The chorus of the song is incredibly powerful and contains the message that the song is trying to convey. The lyrics say, “Ku milih bahagia bersama cintamu, ku rela melupakan dunia untukmu” which translates to “I choose happiness with your love, I am willing to forget the world for you”. This line is a testament to the fact that true love is selfless and that it requires us to put our own desires aside for the happiness of our loved ones. This simple yet heartfelt message is what makes “Jawaban Cinta” such a popular love song.

The bridge of the song features a beautiful instrumental section that adds to the emotional and romantic feel of the song. The soft piano and guitar sounds in the background create a sense of intimacy and love that resonates with the listener.

Overall, “Jawaban Cinta” is a love song that touches the heart and soul of the listener. It reminds us that love is not just about receiving but also about giving. It takes sacrifices and compromises to make relationships work, and true love requires us to be selfless. This powerful message, accompanied by a beautiful melody and heartwarming lyrics, make “Jawaban Cinta” a timeless classic and a perfect addition to any love song playlist.

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