An Agreement the Object or Consideration of Which Is Unlawful If

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An agreement the object or consideration of which is unlawful is a concept that is often discussed in contract law. This refers to an agreement between two parties where the goal or object of the agreement is deemed illegal by law. In this case, the agreement may be unenforceable and any actions taken under this agreement may be considered illegal.

There are numerous examples of agreements that could be considered unlawful if the object or consideration of them is against the law. A few examples include agreements to commit a crime, engaging in illegal activities or agreements which violate public policy.

An agreement to commit a crime is one of the most obvious examples of an agreement the object of which is unlawful. When two parties agree to commit a crime, this agreement is considered illegal and any actions taken under the agreement may be punishable by law.

Agreements which are against public policy are also considered illegal. Public policy refers to the principles and values that are considered important by society and which are reflected in the laws and regulations that govern our lives. Any agreement that goes against these principles may be considered unlawful. For example, an agreement between two parties to discriminate against a certain group of people would be considered against public policy and therefore illegal.

Engaging in illegal activities is another example of an agreement that is illegal. For instance, an agreement to sell illegal drugs would be against the law. Similarly, an agreement to engage in human trafficking or prostitution would be illegal.

If a contract is found to be illegal because the object or consideration of it is unlawful, the contract may be deemed unenforceable. This means that neither party can legally enforce the terms of the agreement in court. This is because the law will not uphold any agreement that is in violation of the law.

In conclusion, any agreement that violates the law is considered unlawful. An agreement the object or consideration of which is illegal is deemed unenforceable and any actions taken under such an agreement may be considered illegal. It is important for parties to make sure that the agreement they enter into is in line with the law so as to avoid any legal complications.

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